Benefits of Biomedical Research Notes

Treatment for heart disease – heart-lung machine used in cardiac surgery,
developed 40 years ago
Treatment for cancer – Gene Therapy. Most studied area of biomedical research.
Treatment for leukemia – in 1950’s leukemia killed every child diagnosed with it
within 6 months. Now survival rate is 75%
Treatment for diabetes – Originally insulin extracted from dog’s pancreas. Now
insulin manufactured using genetic engineering in which bacteria are made to
produce human insulin. New monitoring equipment requires less blood.
Bone Marrow transplants developed as a result of research – used in treating
cancer, leukemia
Vaccines – Polio vaccine by Dr. Albert Sabin, chickenpox, hepatitis
In 1967, the WHO launched global campaign against smallpox. Even with
availability of vaccines, all children under two not vaccinated. Parents not familiar
with infectious diseases and not worried about vaccinations.
Flouride – many countries add to water supply
Penicillin and other antibiotics – Alexander Fleming
Awareness of dangers of smoking has decreased heart disease by 40%
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