File - Ghulam Hassan

Short Questions on Ch. 11
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Q.1= what do you mean by Enterprise Resource Planning
A cross-functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of
software modules that supports the basic internal business processes of a
company is called ERP.
Q.2= what do you mean by ERP Application Components?
ERP integrates and automates these functions of a company:
 Production planning
 Logistics
 Accounting and finance
 Human recourses
 Sales and distribution order management
Q.3= Discuss different benefits of ERP?
Quality & efficiency: ERP creates a framework for integrating and improving
a company’s internal business processes that gave results in significant
improvements in the quality and efficiency of customer service, production,
and distribution.
Decreasing cost: Significant reductions in transaction processing costs and
hardware, software, and IT support staff.
Decision Support: Provides information on business performance quickly to
managers to improve their ability to make better decisions in a timely
Enterprise Agility: ERP breaks down many former departmental and
functional walls of business processes, information systems, and
information resources.