KE English Semester Plan 2014

K&E English Semester Plan 2014
The purpose of this course is to enhance student’s literacy, comprehension,
analytical and communication skills. These skills are essential to not only the
workplace but also to every day life as an active citizen. It is my hope to expand
student’s interest in literature of all types, improve their academic ability and see
the need for literacy skills in the future.
For the Life Skills 10, 20 and 30 portion of this class, the students will be as actively
involved with the rest of the class as possible. Modifications will be made as needed
for all activities to include the Life Skills students with the rest of the class.
Knowledge and Employability courses provide students with practical and applied
opportunities to develop the competencies necessary to meet or exceed the following
goals. Knowledge and Employability courses prepare students to:
 earn a senior high school credential 
 enter the workplace upon leaving school with employability and occupational skills
that meet industry standards 
 make successful transitions to other courses or to further education and training 
 become responsible and contributing members of society. 
(K&E ELA Program of Studies 10-4, 20-4, 30-4, Alberta Education)
Units of Focus
Timing and order of units are tentative
Identity (2.5 Weeks)
Workplace Necessities (3 Weeks)
Non-Fiction (2.5 Weeks)
Short Stories (2 Weeks)
Lyrics and Poetry (1 Weeks)
Novel Study (5 Weeks)
Biography (2 Weeks)
There will be formative and summative assignments throughout each unit.
For a detailed description of assignments please see each individual unit
Major assignments will be worth 60% of the total mark.
Minor assignments will be worth 40% of the total mark.
Formative evaluations will occur throughout.
 Knowledge and Employability Studio
 Teacher prepared materials