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Work Related Skills Units
The Work Related Skills Units are designed to:
• integrate learning about work skills with prior knowledge and experiences
• enhance the development of Key Competencies and employability skills through work related
• develop critical thinking skills that apply to problem solving in work contexts
• develop planning and work related organisational skills
• develop occupational health and safety awareness
• develop and apply transferable skills for work related contexts.
The Work Related Skills Units are designed at three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Senior.
Two units exist at each level.
Each level of the Work Related Skills Unit One is designed to achieve learning outcomes important
for occupational health and safety, employability skills and the development of career goals.
The Work Related Skills Unit Two at each level is designed to achieve learning outcomes
important for work related skills, employability skills and career goals.
At the Intermediate and Senior levels, students will be undertaking structured work placement
as part of their VCAL Learning Program. This will occur one day a week for the majority of
students, with negotiation with others if needed. A requirement of our Work Related Skills
Program is that students find their own placements after developing the necessary skills to
do so. Structured work placement is about ‘doing’, whereas work experience is about
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