Department of IDS, Dalhousie University

Department of IDS, Dalhousie University
Application Form
Summer 2015 Internships for
Southern and Eastern African Trade, Information and Negotiations Institute
(SEATINI) and Food Rights Alliance (FRA), Uganda
Application Process:
1. Carefully read the Eligibility Requirements
2. A completed application includes: the attached application form and a current resume.
3. Applications can be submitted in paper format or electronically.
4. Submit application to:
Prof. John Cameron
Department of International Development Studies (IDS)
Room 3038 Marian McCain Bldg
[email protected]
5. The Internship hiring committee will contact shortlisted candidates for interviews on March
19. The Interviews will take place on March 23-24. Results will be announced by March 27. The
committee will decide which applicants fit best with which internships.
Canadian citizen or permanent resident
In good Academic & Financial Standing with Dalhousie University
Must be willing to register in a 0.5 credit course associated with the internship (INTD
3109 or alternative).
Must follow Dalhousie process for travel abroad including attending all required predeparture sessions.
Must be willing to attend a debriefing upon returning to Canada
Must be willing to engage in public engagement activities in Uganda (electronically) and
upon return to Canada.
Must be willing to complete financial and narrative reports upon returning to Canada.
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, March 18 (midnight)
A. Personal Information
Dalhousie student number (B00#):
Date of Birth (day/mo/year)
Year of Study:
Expected Graduation Date:
Phone number (in Halifax):
Local Address in Halifax
Permanent Address (if different from Halifax address):
B. Understanding of International and Food Security Issues
1. In your opinion, what are the most important factors that affect food security and food
sovereignty in Uganda? (Max 250 words)
2. What academic, work and / or volunteer experience do you have that is relevant to an
internship in food security policy with SEATINI or FRA? (max 200 words)
3. Describe any cross-cultural experiences you have had, either in Canada or abroad.
What skills do you think emerged from those experiences? (max 200 words)
4. What work and / or volunteer experience do you have with engaging Canadians with
global justice issues? (max 100 words)
5. Do you have any other specific skills which you believe would be relevant to this
internship (computer skills, web page development, etc?) (max 100 words)
Will you be available for pre-departure training and orientation in Halifax before the
internship begins (to take place from early April through late May)?
Yes _____ No ______
7. Will you be returning to study at Dalhousie in 2015/16?
Yes_____ No______
8. What do you hope to learn through this internship? (Max 200 words)
▪ Please list the names and contact information (telephone + email) of two references
(academic, work or volunteer related) who the selection committee can contact:
Please submit this application form + your CV to [email protected] by March 18th