Chapter 2 Early People


1.Two of the first domesticated crops were barley and wheat

2. A ziggurat is a tower built in the early cities of Mesopotamia

3. Domestication of plants helped people to stay in one place


Early hunters and gatherers cooperated to; help meet the needs of the band

5.Advantages of


New tools

More food

Larger families

6.The raising of plants and animals for people’s use is called agriculture

7.Early farming villages developed in a region of southwest

Asia called the

Fertile Crescent

8.The movement of early people in search of food resulted in the spread of people over the Earth

9. Specialization of tasks allowed members of larger bands to work more efficiently

10. Early farmers in the Fertile Crescent traded extra food for goods such as


11.A place in the desert that has a dependable supply of water is called an oasis

12.An artifact is an object made and used by people

13. A complex society with developed forms of religion, government and learning is called a civilization

14.The use of knowledge and skills to make life easier is called technology

15. People domesticate plants and animals for food and other uses.