Name- ____________________ Social Studies, Six-Huebner

Name- ____________________
Social Studies, Six-Huebner
Directions: Use text features and the glossary to match the Chapter 2 Key Term with its
_____ Scribe
A. a powerful weapon with a wooden beam mounted on wheels
_____ Fertile Crescent
B. the belief in one god
C. the scattering of people who have a common background and beliefs
D. an organized list of laws and rules
_____ Myth
E. a set of symbols that represent sounds of a language
_____ Empire
F. a time when there is so little food that many people starve
_____ Babylon
G. a religious teacher who is regarded as someone who speaks for God or for a god
_____ Caravan
H. groups of wedges and lines used to write languages in the Fertile Crescent
_____ Bazaar
I. a city that is also a separate, independent state
_____ Battering ram
J. a promise made by God
_____ Alphabet
K. the belief in many gods
_____ Code
L. a market selling different kinds of goods
_____ Hammurabi
M. a region in the Middle East; site of one of the first civilizations
_____ Cuneiform
N. a group of traders traveling together
_____ Monotheism
O. a professional writer
_____ Famine
P. a traditional story; a legend that explains people’s beliefs
_____ Exile
Q. the capital of Babylonia; a city of great wealth and luxury
R. to force someone to live in another country
_____ Moses
S. many territories and peoples controlled by one government
_____ Prophet
T. an Israelite leader whom the Torah credits with leading the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan
U. the king of Babylon; creator of the Babylonian Empire