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Final Exam Fall 2014 COMS 103 Lynch
Please answer the following questions, print a hard copy INCLUDING YOUR NAME, and submit at the
beginning of the final exam period listed in your syllabus. Final exams are often scheduled at a different time
than classes were held during the semester.
100 points possible. Each question is worth 10 points.
Exam Questions:
List 3 things you think the course was designed to teach. What activities and assignments helped teach
List 5 things you learned in this class that you will remember one year from now.
Explain the power and impact of public speaking using an example from class discussion, a classmate's
speech or your own presentations.
Identify one concept from this class that applies to personal relationships--family, friends, significant
other. Describe in detail how you have applied or will apply the concept.
Explain how one concept from this class applies to contexts outside of the University such as work or
volunteer opportunities. Then, provide an example of how you have applied or will apply the concept.
Do not discuss a concept that you selected as an answer to a different question.
Discuss how the variety of perspectives, ideas, opinions and values expressed in this class impacted
your experience and what you learned.
What impact does the audience’s listening behavior have on a speaker? What can you do as an audience
member to positively impact the speaker and the presentation? Provide two examples of unethical
listening behaviors that you saw or experienced this semester (in this class or other public speaking
situations) and explain how each behavior should be changed.
Why is audience analysis and adaptation an important part of public speaking? Describe a specific
example from class presentations that demonstrates the effect audience analysis can have. Name at
least one other context (other than public speaking) in which audience analysis and adaptation is
In your opinion, what assignment or class activity was the most helpful to you in developing your
public speaking skills? Describe what and how it helped you improve as a speaker.
List 5 pieces of advice you would give students when they enroll in an Oral Communication class.
What should they do in order to succeed?