Self Evaluation Assignment

After each major speech (demonstration, informative, and persuasive),
please create a written evaluation of your performance based on your
recollection of the experience, and your review of the audio tape recording
of the speech with one of your classmates. Below is a list of components
you will want to include in your assessment. Please take note of the format
requirements as compliance will be part of your grade.
First, provide a brief introduction that includes the topic of your
speech and how you generally felt about the speech and your
Second, within the body of the essay, delineate at least three
things you believe went well. Focus your critique on all areas
including content, organization, argument, supporting information and
evidence, as well as delivery and be very specific in your assessment
by providing clear, detailed examples.
Third, list at least three areas that you would like to improve in
the next speech. Again, be very specific by focusing on behavior.
Identify the goals you will strive toward and explain the strategies you
will employ to achieve your goals.
Remember, this assignment is designed to help you analyze your
performance and work toward becoming a more effective speaker. You may
want to take a look at the evaluation forms we use for each speech to help
you in your assessment. Try to be realistic in the critique of your
presentation as well as in the expectations you create for yourself for future
performances. Work with your classmate to critically analyze your
performance. The paper is to be written by the speaker, with input from the
classmate. Both names must be on the assignment, with the speaker and
observer identified by role, with a hand signature of the observer.
The paper must be typewritten, 2 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font with
one-inch margins. Please use spell-check and proofread to catch any
typographical errors. The assignment is due the class period following your
speech date and is worth 30 points.