SPCH 100 Midterm Study Guide Class, below are the sections of the

SPCH 100 Midterm Study Guide
Class, below are the sections of the chapters that you should pay a bit more
attention to. These subjects will likely be the bases for multiple exam questions (as
opposed to a single question).
Chapter 1 – Speaking in Public
o Similarities and differences between public speaking and
o Public speaking and critical thinking
o The speech communication process
Chapter 2 - Ethics
o Guidelines for ethical speaking
o Plagiarism
Chapter 3 - Listening
o Listening and critical thinking
o Causes of poor listening
Chapter 12 – Using Language
o Meanings of words
o Using language accurately
o Using language clearly
o Using language vividly
o Using language appropriately
Chapter 13 - Delivery
o Methods of delivery
o The speaker’s voice
o The speaker’s body
Occasions for Public Speaking (lecture slide)
These are areas to focus your study, but all of the readings that have been assigned
thus far are “fair game” for exam questions. It will also be in your best interest to
review the lecture slides.
The exam will be worth a total of 125 points to your overall course grade. It will
consist of 25 multiple-choice questions as well as 3 essay questions. Please bring a
Blue Book with you for the exam. A Scantron form is not necessary.