Computer Applications & Functions Worksheet

Computer Applications
Computer functions worksheet
List the four basic functions of a computer along with an example of each.
The Program you use to create a flyer or a brochure is _________________________________.
The Program you use to create a presentation is ________________________________________.
The program you use to write an essay or paper is ______________________________________.
The program you use when creating a spreadsheet w/ numbers is ____________________.
The program you use when creating a film is ____________________________________________.
The ________________ is a worldwide network of computers.
A _______________ is used to navigate between web pages.
________________ tells us how quickly information travels.
One of the oldest uses of a computer was ____________________.
An example of a program that can be harmful to your computer is ___________________.
Most programs that ask you to create a password may be ____________________; this
allows extra security and makes it harder for your password to be duplicated.
A _______________ helps protect your computer from unauthorized material.
________________ are programs that you can download off the Internet and use without
having to pay anything.
The ____________ is the preset format of the computer or program.
__________ are buttons on the desktop you can click on to open a program.
Take a few minutes and complete the paragraph below:
The ____________ displays the information and is a form of ____________. The __________ is
considered the brains of the computer and ________________ the information input. The
__________ is main way to input text into the computer, while the ___________ is used
more for pointing and clicking. The ___________ are used to play sound and the
__________ is used to create hard copies, both of which are considered ____________.
Open Microsoft Word and find the following information:
What is the default font?
What is the default text size?
What do the margins default to?
L ______ R _______ T ______ B ______
Name five items in the toolbar and what they do.
1. __________
2. __________
3. __________
4. __________
5. __________
List 5 icons on your desktop:
What are the Network drives available (list as letters)?
-which one is most full and how can you tell?
What is the shortcut to minimize all windows that are open?
What does the term “case sensitive” mean and when is it applicable?