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Spanish II
Grab a textbook and Write in your notebook the following information:
1. Fecha: 12 de Noviembre, 2015
2. Enfoque de la lección (Lesson Focus): Art’s Vocabulario
3. To do: Copy the vocabulary p. 62
What is the name of this picture?
Who is the painter?
El pintor y su modelo, (1928), Pablo Picasso
1. Which painting represents a Cubism model?
Explain Why?
Reflection Activity
• ¿Por qué Pablo Picasso, pintor español es
considerado uno de los artistas más
importantes del siglo XX? (Video)
– Cubistas: Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, Georges Braque
y Fernand Léger.
• ¿Recuerdas el nombre del artista de los
Estados Unidos que usa formas geométricas
en sus obras?
US Cubist Painter – Pintor Cubista
• Max Weber (April 18, 1881 –
October 4, 1961) was a JewishAmerican painter and one of the
first American Cubist painters
who, in later life, turned to more
figurative Jewish themes in his
art. He is best known today
for Chinese Restaurant (1915), in
the collection of the Whitney
Museum of American Art, "the
finest canvas of his Cubist phase,"
in the words of art historian Avis
The Cellist, 1917
The Old Guitarist Painting
The Old Guitarist is an oil painting by
Pablo Picasso created late 1903–
early 1904. It depicts an old, blind,
haggard man with threadbare
clothing weakly hunched over his
guitar, playing in the streets of
Barcelona, Spain. Wikipedia
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Period: Picasso's Blue Period
Dimensions: 4' 0" x 2' 9"
Created: 1903–1904
Media: Oil paint
Support: Canvas
What Painting is “The Cellist” from Max Weber?
• How to draw a Cubism Art? (Video)
• Link