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Review   slides   and   know   the   titles   of   the   work   as   well   as   the   name   of   the   artist   (if   no   artist,   know   the   era).

  Extra   points   may   be   given   for   writing   additional   information   about   each   of   the   art   works   on   the   test.


Lascoux Cave   Painting ‐ Paleolithic   Culture


Discovered   by   four   teenagers   one   summer   in   1940

This   carving   of   a   bison   discovered   at   La   Madeleine  

‐ Neolithic   Culture

Ishtar   Gate   (restored)

Ancient   Near   East ‐ Babylon,   Iraq,   ca.

  575   BCE.

Glazed   brick

Seated   Harp   Player .Cycladic.

2700   BC. Marble,   height   11   ½”

Golden   Mask   of   King   Tutankhamun

1323   BC ‐ Egypt gold   inlaid   with   glass   and   semiprecious   stones  

ʺ Nike   of   Samothrace ʺ or   “Winged   Nike”

Marble ‐ Discovered   in   Samothrace,   Greece

Hellenistic   Greece   220  ‐ 190   BC

Terracotta   Warriors   and   Horses ‐ Qin   Shi   Huang,   the   first Emperor   of   China   It   is   a   form   of funerary   art buried   with   the   emperor   in   210–209   BC   and   whose   purpose   was   to   protect   the   emperor   in   his   afterlife.

‐ 6000   warriors   complete   with   weapons   like   swords

Anthropomorphic   Cinerary   Urn   5th   Century   B.C.


Etruscan   Art

Roman   Colesseum built   70 ‐ 80   AD

The Pietà (1498–1499)  

Renaissance   sculpture   by Michelangelo   housed   in St.

  Peter ʹ s   Basilica   ,Vatican   City

“The   Last   Supper”   by   Leonardo   Da   Vinci

Rennaissance ‐ 1495–1498  

Beginning   of   perspective   in   art.

The   Creation   of   Adam is   a   fresco   painting   by  

Michelangelo,   forming   part   of   the   Sistine  

Chapel   ceiling,   painted   circa   1511–1512  

“Mona   Lisa”   Leonardo   Da   Vinci

Renaissance  ‐ 1503 ‐ 1517

“Impression   Sunrise”   by   Monet

This   painting   was   what   lent   to   the   movement   being   known   as   “impressionism”

One   of   the   “Haystacks”   paintings   by   Monet

Impressionist ‐ 1888 ‐ 1889

“Rouen    Cathedral”    series   by   Monet

He   did   many   paintings   of   the   same   subject   matter   during   different   times   of   day   to   depict   the   changing   of   light   and   atmosphere

Monet   standing   in   front   of   one   of   his   large

“Waterlilies”   Paintings

“The   Old   Guitarist” ‐ Pablo   Picasso,  

Blue   period   Painting

“Self   Portrait   with   Bandaged   Ear”   

Vincent   VanGogh ‐ 1889

Apples   and   Oranges ‐ Cezanne ‐ cubism ‐ 1895 ‐ 1900

“Guernica”    Pablo   Picasso ‐ 1937

Political   statement   to   the   Nazis   after   they   bombed   a  

Basque   town   during   the   Spanish   Civil   War

Woman   with   the   Hat ,   Henri   Matisse,   1905   – Fauvism

Considered   offensive   at   the   Salon   exhibition  

Starry   Night,   Vincent   Van   Gogh,  

1989 post ‐ impressionism

The   Weeping   Woman by   Picasso ‐ 1937 ‐ cubist