World History – Renaissance/Reformation Test Review

WWI Test Review
Mr. Williamson
Somerville HS
Test Format
 Multiple Choice – 20 Questions at 2 Points each – 40 points
 Matching – 5 Questions at 2 Points each – 10 points
 ID’s – 3 Questions at 5 Points each – 15 points
 Document Based Questions – 2 Questions at 10 points each –
20 Points
 Short Answer Format
 Essay – Choose 1 of 2, 3 paragraphs needed for full credit –
15 Points
Theme #1  Reasons for entering the war – Britain, US
 Why did a stalemate occur?
 What is the Zimmerman Note? Terms?
 Main idea of Versailles Treaty to Germany
 Members of Triple Alliance/Entente, Central/Allied Powers
Theme #2  Causes of the war, MAIN!
 French Allied leader of WWI
 Relationship b/t Russia and WWI? What caused the revolution?
 Stalin’s leadership, how would it be described?
 Lusitania, assassination of Archduke – why are they important?
 Purpose of Front/Middle/Back Trench?
 Area between enemy trenches?
 What is meant by total war, stalemate, propaganda?
Essay Topics
 1. Compare/contrast (find the similarities/differences)
between the weapons used in armed conflicts in 1815
compared with the weapons used in World War I. Be
specific and detail how they were similar and different and
explain how their direct effect on the war.
 2. Discuss the reasons for the escalation in tension and
aggression leading up to World War I. Specifically, how did
militarism, nationalism and the alliance system lead to this
large-scale conflict? What motivated the United States to
become involved in this war?
Sample Questions
 What was the main purpose of the front trench in World War I?
 A. Provide medical care to injured soldiers
 B. Fire machine guns and launch grenades
 C. Supply soldiers with ammunition
 D. Meet with top field generals
Sample Questions
 Which statement best describes the relationship between World
War I and the Russian Revolution?
 A. WWI helped create conditions within Russia that triggered a
 B. WWI postponed the Russian Revolution by restoring confidence
in the Czar
 C. The Russian Revolution inspired the Russian people to win
 D. WWI gave the Tsar’s army the needed experience to suppress
the Russian Revolution
Sample Questions
 In the Zimmerman note, Germany offered which of the following to
Mexico if it joined the Central Powers?
 A. Rule of the North American continent
 B. 3 trillion dollars in gold
 C. The return of Mexican lands from the United States
 D. A fleet of submarines
Remaining Class Time
 Please use the remaining class time to work on your German Response to
the Treaty of Versailles projects.
 Project is due tomorrow; every day that it is late is 3 points off the top.
Assignment is worth 30 total points.
 Please remember to review the rubric online before submission.
 Visuals/writings that are submitted should be final draft quality.
 Have myself/fellow students review your work for feedback.
 If complete, please begin your studying the for the exam.