AP Euro Ch 23-‐28 Study Guide Student Created 1 CHAPTER 23

AP Euro Study Guide CHAPTER 23 The Peace settlements Carlsbad Decrees Radical New Ideologies -­‐ Nationalism -­‐ Liberalism -­‐ Laissez faire -­‐ Socialism -­‐ romanticism Revolutions of 1848 -­‐ countries -­‐ causes/effects -­‐ leaders Walter Scott CHAPTER 24 Family changing Role of men and women Rebellion in Music & Art (know the styles) Theory of Evolution Thermodynamics Class system of the era CHAPTER 25 Unification of Italy & Germany Bismarck Kulturkampf Revolution of 1905 in Russia Homestead Act October Manifesto Bloody Sunday 1905 CHAPTER 26 Scramble for Africa Asian Opium trade White Man’s Burden Great Migration Rebellion in India Colonialism Mercantilism Suez Canal Ch 23-­‐28 Student Created 1 Congress of Vienna Liberation in Greece Communist Manifesto Wordsworth Illegitimacy explosion Social Darwinism Industrial growth Pasteurization Realism Cavour, Garibaldi, Mazinni, Emanuel (Heart? Mind? Sword?) Real politik Industrialization Marxism Zemstevo Duma Louis Napoleon Berlin Conference Open Door Policy Racism Egyptian Westernization Old v New Imperialism Colonial monopoly Meiji Restoration Congo, Belgium AP Euro Study Guide CHAPTER 27 Tzar Nicholas II Concerns with WWI Provisional gov’t March Revolution Trotsky Petrograd Soviet NEP Mensheviks (WWI) Trench warfare Assassination Powder keg Total war League of Nations CHAPTER 28 Age of Anxiety Modern philosophies of 1920s Nietzche Art, literature (ie: Dadaism, functionalism, cubism, etc) Locarno Treaty Kellogg-­‐ Briand Freud Great depression Mass unemployment Scandinavian Response to Great Depression Labour party/ Conservative Party Fascism ** Be sure to refer to any notes/class lectures or primary source readings Ch 23-­‐28 Student Created 2 Russian Revolution Rasputin & Royal family Kerensky Lenin Stalin Army Order No. 1 Bolshevik Revolution Whites v. Reds Causes of WWI Black hand Arms race Treaty of Versailles Lost Generation Existentialism Rise of dictators Ruhr Crisis Maginot line Orwell Weimar republic Hyperinflation New Deal MacDonald/ Ramsey/ Baldwin Dawes Plan Keynesian economics ** Topics presented by peers via PowerPoint, Wideos, etc