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WWI study guide
Please study the following topics and terms
Causes of WWI reference pages 718-722
What lead to the outbreak of War
Immediate cause of the War
Political movement that caused the war
What was the Schlieffen Plan
Initial outlook of the war from Europeans
Beginning of the War and trench warfare pages 725-729
- Trench warfare in France was characterized by…
- Tactics of trench warfare
- Life in the trenches (day to day)
- Military weapons in WWI including the Tank
US enters the War and Revolution in Russia pages 727-738
- US enters the war and why
- Women’s role in the War
- Socioeconomic group that benefited from the War
- Lenin and his role in Revolution
War nears its end pages 742-746
- Battle of Marne
- The affects of War and its casualties
- Genocide in WWI (which group was involved)
- Woodrow Wilson’s fourteen points
- Treaty of Versailles and how Germany was involved
- Result and impact of the war (think map and countries)