The Respiratory System

By Ashley Trowbridge, Sabrina Felix, and Mackenzie DeSouza
We breathe for you and supply oxygen to
the blood
We’re the reason you’re up and running. And
now for the……..
This is a picture of the
Respiratory System
Respiratory System Diagram
This is a diagram of the Respiratory System.
-the nose brings air to
the pharynx , which
brings air to the trachea
-the trachea brings air to
the bronchi, which
brings the air to the
- The bronchioles
bring the air to the
- the lungs then bring
the oxygen to the
blood vessels
Hello, we’re the Pharynx and the Nose!
Our main function is to bring air to the lungs
-The pharynx brings air to the trachea
-The nose brings the air to the pharynx
Out of all the organs,
we’re glad you picked
the nose!
The Pharynx is located behind the nose
Fun Facts!
You can never sneeze
with your eyes open!
The lungs help you breathe and supply the
body with oxygen
The trachea and the bronchi supply me with
the air I need to give the blood vessels
Breathe in and out, that’s
what the lungs are all
Fun Facts!
The lung is designed to last
120 years!
Diseases and Infections
The Trachea and Bronchi
 Asthma
 Bronchial infection
The Lungs
 Tuberculosis
 Lung cancer
 Pneumonia
The Nose
& Sinus Infection
 The common cold!
The H.B.C HAS to keep us! We keep the whole
body working great!
The human body would suffocate and die
without the Respiratory System, for they would
have no air!
The information we have put in this Power Point were found in
the following books, sites, and people:
And Sagar Saran with the nose joke~ ‘out of all of the organs, I’m
glad you picked the nose.’
Your Body and How It Works- by Ovid K. Wong
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Where’s The Organ?
We Appreciate Your Time. SMELL
YOU LATER!-The Nose, Pharynx, Trachea,
Bronchi, and the Lungs!