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Syracuse Arts Academy
Health Education Class Disclosure
School Phone: 801-784-5211
Teacher: K. Donaldson
Consultation Time:
Course Title: Healthy Lifestyles
Before School: 7:15-7:45
Email:[email protected]
Course Description: Health education offers students an opportunity to acquire
knowledge, practice skills and develop attitudes that can benefit them throughout life.
Building a solid foundation of good literacy and decision-making skills can contribute to
a variety of healthy choices for self and others.
Objective of class: The purpose of health is to provide opportunities for student to
develop knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for practicing lifelong healthenhancing behaviors.
Core Standards of the Course: To view the entire course standards of health
curriculum, go to the website
Students develop skills and processes that contribute to the development of a
healthy self.
Students demonstrate health-promoting and risk-reducing behaviors to prevent
substance abuse.
Students determine how knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior contribute to
healthy relationships with self and others.
Students summarize issues related to health promotion and disease prevention.
Students assess how individual behavior affects personal and community health
and safety.
Students summarize the benefits of adopting healthy nutritional and fitness
Students evaluate basic health information needed to advocate for personal,
peer and family health.
Materials Needed for Class: A pen or pencil to write with, health notebook, paper and
a basic set of colored pencils would be helpful. A classroom set of health books will be
used. The textbook needs to be taken care of; fines will be given for writing in the book
and/or torn pages. If a student needs to check out a health book they may do so by
contacting the teacher and signing the check-out sheet.
Types of Assignments: Textbook reading, vocabulary, written assignments, taking
notes, drawing diagrams, participation in small groups, class discussions and viewing
and discussing health films. (All films shown in class have been approved by school
officials). Homework may be given a couple times per week. Assignments need to be
turned in on time to receive full credit, late work will be accepted but a 10 percent
deduction will be given for each day late. Excused absences will not receive a
deduction on late work; however the late rule will apply after one day back in class.
Quizzes and/or tests will be given during the course of study to check student
knowledge and understanding of the subject.
Grading Policy: Academic grades are based on a percent of the total points possible.
Students will receive their assignments and tests back so they need to keep them in a
folder until the end of the semester and they have received a grade. The following
grading scale will be used in class:
93-100 % =A
78-81% = B –
56-59% = D +
90-92% = A 73-77% = C +
51-55% = D
87-89% = B +
65-72% = C
47-50% = D 82-86% = B
60-64% = C 49% and below = F
Citizenship grades are based on being on time, behavior in class, participation in
class discussions, attitude and effort. Poor behavior affects the learning environment of
the classroom and will not be tolerated. Tardiness and truancy will affect the citizenship
grade and may also affect the academic grade. For example, truancy is not an excused
absence; therefore, assignments, quizzes, and tests cannot be made up.
Discipline Policy: The following steps will be taken to maintain a positive and safe
learning environment in class:
Step #1-Communicate with student. Identify behavior that is not acceptable.
Step #2-Change environment if needed. I.e. Seat change
Step#3-Brief student-teacher conference after class.
Step#4-If unacceptable behavior continues, student-teacher-parent conference
will be held.
Step#5-If something happens to endanger other students in class the
administration will be notified.
All of the above actions (steps) may affect the citizenship grade.
I look forward to a providing you an educational experience throughout the
semester. My goal is to empower each student to live a quality healthy lifestyle.
We will work together to sharing experiences and guidance to improve our quality
of life.
Mr. Donaldson
Parents this form is to be filled out by you. This will be the first assignment for your
children to return to the class. Completion of this assignment will give me the
assurance that you understand what is expected of your child as well as what you and
they can expect from me.
Parent/Guardian information
Phone Numbers(s)
Any other information you would like me to know about your child.
Please return by Thursday, August 28th. for full credit of 20 points