7th Grade Ch. 5 PowerPoint


The Holy Prophet Moses


First of God’s prophets

Born in Egypt to a poor Israelite

Death of the firstborn Israelite sons

To decrease their population

Hard to enslaved a growing population

Mother hid Moses in a basket by the Nile

Pharaoh’s daughter found him

Adopted as own son

Treated as one of the family in the royal palace


Moses knew he was an Israelite by birth

Would visit Jewish slaves often

Saw Egyptian hit a slave

Killed the Egyptian

Fled to the land of Midian

Became a herdsman

Married Zipporah

Raised a family

God Speaks

God appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush

Told him to return to Egypt to free Jews from slavery

God revealed His name


“I AM”

Source of all that exists

Shows He is eternal

Moses’ Return

Moses chose his brother Aaron to be his companion

Moses probably had a speech impediment

Told Pharaoh: “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel,

‘let my people go’” (EX 5:1)

Pharaoh increased the labor on the Israelites

Ten plagues:

Water turned to blood, frogs, gnats, flies, animals died, boils, hailstorms, locusts destroyed crops, three days of darkness

Pharaoh still didn’t budge


10 th

Plague: Death of the firstborn son and animal

God warned Israelite people

Told them to have religious dinner to show they were part of His people and thus be spared

Passover meal

Kill a lamb and eat it with unleavened bread, bitter herbs

Eat standing, ready for a journey

Sprinkle lamb’s blood on wooden door posts

Angel of death would pass over these houses

Passover is celebrated even today by the Jewish people

Passover Prefigures Paschal Mystery


Israelites gather at God’s command

Sacrificed paschal lamb, which they ate

Sprinkled blood on wooden doorposts to save themselves from death

Freed from slavery by this event

The Mass

Catholics gather at God’s command

Offer up the “Lamb of God” (Christ), whom we receive in

Holy Communion

Blood of Christ sprinkled on the wood of the cross

We receive his shed blood at Holy Communion

We are freed from death and slavery of sin through this


Journey of the Jews out of Egypt

Pharaoh allowed them to leave out of fear

Changed his mind

God parted path through the Red Sea

Closed in on Egyptians

Complained of lack of food/water as soon as they were free

Water from a rock

Manna (heavenly bread)

Ten Commandments

Reached Mt. Sinai after 3 months

God appeared to Moses and gave him the 10



“The Law”

Gave them to Moses verbally

Told the people

God called Moses to back to Mt. Sinai to give him tablets

People worshipping golden calf in meantime

Moses smashed Commandments, received new ones

Apologized to God on behalf of the people

Ark of the Covenant

God’s message to the people: “Behold, I make a covenant. Before all your people I will do marvels, such as have not been wrought in all the earth or in any nation… Observe what I command you this day”

Obedience showed loyalty to God

Ark of the Covenant built to house the 10


Carried with them wherever they went


Priests were to sacrifice animals in worship

Ask for forgiveness

Reminder of the Covenant

Sacrifices entail letting go what is special to us

Sacrifices were placed on a consecrated altar

Entering the Promised Land

Moses doubted God’s power at a point during the


Told he would not make it to the Promised Land

Shows that even 1 sin is too many

40 years of wandering in the desert

Israelites entered the Promised Land soon after burying Moses

Joshua and the Judges

Joshua succeeded Moses as ruler

Great warrior

Judges ruled after Joshua

Military heroes who won great victories for God’s people

King Saul

Israelites wanted kings

All the other nations had them

Samuel was the prophet who anointed God’s kings


First king

Unworthy, soon died

King David

Shepherd boy

Defeated the Philistine soldier Goliath

Second king of Israel

Greatest king in their history

Wrote the psalms

Beautiful prayers and hymns to God

Made Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish nation

God made the promise that one of David’s descendants would be a king who would rule forever

King Solomon

Next king of Israel

Wise ruler

Built Temple in Jerusalem

Very ornate


Israel divided soon after Solomon’s death

North: Israel

South: Judah

Judah remained faithful to God and the Covenant

It was from the “line of Judah” that Jesus was descended