7 Moses – Birth to Exodus

Moses – Birth
Exodus 1 & 2
Opening Questions:
1. What new adventure are you embarking upon this semester? Have you noticed that it seems launching
any “new” venture comes with great difficulty? Would you say if those ventures are to advance the
kingdom of God, Satan tries extra hard to stop those things? Why or why not?
2. What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned from you mom or “mother” figure in your
growing up years?
3. I wouldn’t even be here at this Cell Group meeting if it had not been for: - my parent’s faith? – a pastor?
– my cell group leader? – a friend? – a boyfriend? – someone else __________________ ?
4. What about your upbringing was “cross-cultural”? What cross cultural experiences have you had?
Story background:
The story of Moses picks up just after there arose another King in Egypt that did not know about Joseph
and feared the Israelites and decided to kill all the new born Hebrew babies.
Dig Questions:
1. What did the King “who did not know Joseph” in Exodus 1:8 fear about the Hebrews? Why?
2. What does Pharaoh’s fear lead him to do? (Exodus 1:16b)
3. Why did Moses’ parents give their baby up for “adoption”? What does that say about them?
4. Why did Pharaoh’s daughter risk taking in this Hebrew baby? Did she find Moses in the basket: - by
accident? – by human design? – God’s design? Why do you think so?
5. What would Moses gain by growing up “royal”? How might this be good, or bad, for Israel?
6. Who is the real hero of this story? – the devoted mother? 0 the quick-thinking sister? – the
compassionate daughter of Pharaoh? – the baby in the basket?
Apply Questions:
1. How has race, riches or religion shaped you for God’s purposes?
2. How was being raised in your Family helped or hindered your God pursuit?
3. In my faith adventure, I am: - still cuddled by my parents’ faith? – out in the reeds waiting for
something to happen? – exposed to options other than Christianity? – growing because of someone’s
Christian nurture? – launching into the world with Christian identity?
4. The most reassuring point of this story for me is: - God cares about babies? – God is planning ahead all
the time? – God picks his key leaders early? – God can use the most unlikely people to advance his plan? –
nothing can stand in the way of God’s plan?
5. Do you know of a story surrounding the Jesus’ birth that is reminiscent to the Moses story? (Matt. 2:16)
6. Seeing how both Moses, the Savior of the Israeli people, and Jesus, the Savior of the world, were both
targeted by “baby killing” – Do you think that new ministries (like our new cell group? Or new leaders
like me?) are also the target of spiritual attack?
7. If that is possible, then we should be in specific prayer for our cell group – that God will protect our
unity, our fellowship, our pursuit of Christ. How can we band together to pray for our group.