Thursday June 5, 2014

Religion Final Study Guide
Final: Thursday June 5, 2014
The final will have 20 multiple-choice questions and 10 fill in the blank questions (a
word bank will be provided). There will also be one short essay question.
Chapter 1
1. What is faith? P. 31
2. Who was the patriarch of the Jewish people? P. 29
3. Who is the Catholic faith devoted to and view as the perfect model of faith? P.
4. What does “obedience of faith” mean? P. 31
5. Who told Mary that she would bear the Son of God? P. 30
Chapter 2
6. What is an altar? P. 43
7. What is a sacrifice? P. 41
8. What did God tell Abraham to sacrifice? P. 41
9. At Mass what is the bread and wine changed into? P. 43
10. What are we being faithful to when we gather to share the Eucharistic meal?
P. 43
Chapter 3
11. What does the story of Saint Paul show? P. 57
12. What is a covenant? P. 53
13. Who helped Jacob trick Isaac? P. 52
14. Why was it important for Jacob to receive Isaac’s birthright? P. 53
Chapter 4
15. What is fidelity? P. 65
16. What is piety? P. 65
17. What was Joseph’s gift? P. 64
18. What did the Pharaoh’s dream mean? P. 64
Chapter 5
19. What did people try to do to Jesus after he talked about life after death? P. 88
20. Who did Jesus say would enter the Kingdom of Heaven? P. 88
21. What did God reveal to Moses at the burning bush? P. 87
22. What did the Pharaoh order? P. 86
Chapter 6
23. What was the feeding of the five thousand a sign of? P. 101
24. Which Gospel reading do we act out on Holy Thursday? P. 98
25. What is Passover? P. 99
26. What motto did Pope Benedict XVI choose when he became archbishop? P.
27. What is the Seder? P. 97
Chapter 7
28. What is the 10th Commandment? P. 110 and p. 115
29. What does the greatest commandment tell us to do? p. 112
30. What order did St. Teresa of Avila find? P. 114
31. How did St. Teresa of Avila believe prayer should be done? P. 114
32. Why did the Israelites make a golden calf? How did Moses respond? P. 110
Chapter 8
33. Who did the Lord choose to lead the Israelites after Moses died? P. 122
34. Who is Our Lady of Guadalupe? P. 124
35. What were the priests carrying when the Israelites circled Jericho? P. 1222
Season of Lent
There will be a short essay question on what Catholics do during Lent. Think of the
crosses we made and the display we made for the Religion bulletin board.