Canon of the Bible

A Greek term which means “rule” or
“norm”, “ a measuring rod”
The Fathers of the Church used the word
“canon” for the “rule of faith” ..thus, the
canon of Scripture was regarded as the
“rule of faith”
Is a list of books that the Church
has declared to be inspired by God
The collection of divinelyinspired books received by
the Church and recognized
by her as the infallible rule of
faith and morals in virtue of
their divine origin.
Old Testament
New Testament
These are the books whose
Scriptural character was
contested in some quarters, but
which long ago gained a secure
footing in the Bible of the Catholic
Letter of Jeremiah
Song of the Three Young Men
Bel and the Dragon
1st Esdras
2nd Esdras
Prayer of Manasseh
 Historical Books
 Prophetical Books
 Wisdom Books
 Exodus
 Leviticus
 Numbers
 Deuteronomy
In this book of beginnings the stories
are about creation, early relationships
between God and His people, and God’s
promise to bless Abraham and his
It presents the divine origin of the
world in various ways, accompanied by
deep insight into human nature.
It tells us of Creation, sin and
God’s promises of salvation for
mankind, whom He created in His
“own image and likeness”
This book provides, not only a
logical introduction to the Book of
Exodus , but also an inspired
introduction to the whole of the
biblical literature.
We do not know….
It does not record the name of its
author, but by the time of Jesus, the
rabbis had come to agree that Moses
wrote Genesis and the four books
which follow it (Pentateuch)
This name means “departure” and
this book tells how God led the
Israelites our of a life of hardship
and slavery in Egypt.
God made a covenant with them
and gave Moses in Mt. Sinai their
Law (Decalogue), to put order
their lives
it is the most important Book of
the Pentateuch because it
contains the two most basic
experiences which the Jewish
people had which made them into
a nation:
- God saved them from the
- He made them “His own”
like Genesis, Moses is the
“hero” and central figure of this
The inspired author recorded the
memories people cherished about
Moses, the escape from Egypt,
and the covenant by which they
became God’s special nation
This book is named for the
priestly tribe of Levi and is made
up of laws concerning rituals and
The authorship is attributed to
Moses, the first and greatest of
the prophets
the Israelites wandered in the
wilderness for 40 years before
entering Canaan, the promised land.
The name of the book comes from
two censuses taken during the
No explicit author, but still
attributed to Moses
These are the three farewell
speeches of Moses shortly
before he died.
He reminds them the
importance of obedience , an
adaptation of the law on Mt.
The history of Israel’s
conquest of the Promised
Written for the new
generation of Israelites
A book about heroes - 12 men
and women who delivered Israel
from her oppressors.; they were
not perfect but were submissive
to God
Records Israel’s first civil war ,
oppressions and deliverance
Story about a mother and daughter
- in - law
God’s grace in the midst of difficult
how three people remained strong in
character amidst the collapse of the
around them