Genetics Crossword

Genetics Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
6. used to show the probability of the offspring's traits
8. ______ occurs during Prophase 1 of meiosis and involved pieces of homologous
chromosomes overlapping one another
9. Mendel's Law of _____ _____ states that traits are inherited independently of one
10. characteristic that is inherited
11. failure of 2 homogous chromosomes to properly separate during meiosis after
crossing over has occured
12. sex cell
13. the outward, physical appearance of an individual
16. This trait is always expreseed if it is inherited
18. This trait is masked if a dominant allele is present
19. a strand of DNA that contains genes
20. The number of chromosomes in a gamete is called the ______ number. (In humans it
is 23)
21. the genetic make-up of an individual; often represented by 2 letters (ex: TT, Tt, tt)
22. two of the same alleles (ex: TT, tt)
1. joining of egg and sperm
2. the division of sex cells (results in 4 different haploid cells)
3. this type of reproduction involves 2 parents
4. a variety of different genes and traits
5. location on a chromosome that codes for a certain trait
7. _____ chromosomes are chromosome pairs, one from each parent, that are similar
in length, gene position and centromere location.
14. having two different alleles (ex: Tt)
15. The number of chromosomes in a somatic (body) cell is called the ______ number.
(In humans it is 46)
17. different version of a certain gene
Genetics Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle