Tour the Basics
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1. What is DNA?
a. Where are the instructions located?
b. What do the instructions look like?
c. How can the molecule hold genetic information?
d. What are the four (4) letters of the DNA alphabet pieces?
2. What is a Gene?
a. What are Genes made of?
b. Draw a hemoglobin molecule:
c. Name a blood disorder:
3. What is a Chromosome?
a. If you pull the DNA from a single human cell, how long would it be?
b. What is the DNA wrapped around?
c. How many chromosomes do humans have?
d. How many chromosomes do mosquitoes have?
4. What is a Protein?
a. What role do proteins play in sending signals throughout your body?
b. What are “receptor” proteins?
c. How do cells use proteins?
5. What is Heredity?
a. Where are our traits located?
b. How do we get traits from our parents?
c. How many chromosomes do we get from our mother?
6. What is a Trait?
a. What types of traits exist?
b. Give an example of a behavioral trait.
c. What defines our traits?
d. Can environmental factors change our traits?
e. What type of thumb do you have?
f. What is the BIG ‘H’ allele called?
g. What is incomplete dominance?