Study Guide for Biology test: Chapter 6,7 & 8

Study Guide for CCP Biology test: Chapter 11—Mendel and meiosis
This test will consist of several sections. Some will be multiple choice and some parts you
will have to write short answers and a short (~1 paragraph) essay. There will also be
diagrams and Punnett squares to interpret and label.
Chapter 11: Introduction to Genetics
You should be able to:
 Define the following terms—trait, hybrid, gene, allele, dominant, recessive, gamete,
homozygous, heterozygous, phenotype, genotype, homologous, haploid, diploid.
 Identify the first researcher in genetics, the organism he studied and some characteristics
of that organism that made the study of genetics much easier (i.e. why would humans or
trees not have been good test subjects?)
 Explain the crosses involved in Mendel’s P, F1 and F2 generations.
 Solve genetics problems for monohybrid (one trait) and dihybrid (two traits at once)
crosses using a Punnett square.
 Recognize unusual patterns of inheritance such as codominance, incomplete dominance,
multiple alleles and polygenic.
 Explain why genetic outcome is predicted by probability and not certainty.
 Explain why it is critical to organisms that at the end of meiosis there are only ½ the
number of chromosomes in a gamete as there is in a body cell.
*Hint: What is the purpose of gametes?
 Describe the stages of meiosis in terms of order, events and number of chromosomes and
cells created.