Manifest Destiny Study Guide

Manifest Destiny Study Guide
1. What is Manifest Destiny?
2. Where did the industrial revolution originate? Who brought it to the United States?
3. Describe the assembly line. How good of quality were the products?
4. What did the Monroe Doctrine say? What was it in response to?
5. Why was the election of 1824 referred to as the corrupt bargain? What happened?
6. When did Andrew Jackson become president? What was the Indian Removal Act? Why was this
act passed? Where were the Native Americans relocated during it?
7. When did most people go on the Oregon Trail? How many people left? What was the device
called that they traveled in? What were the people hoping for?
8. What was a jumping off point? What was the most famous one? What was the toughest part of
the journey west?
9. Who was the leader at the Battle of the Alamo? What was the outcome (how many fought on
each side)?
10. Where did Mexico see as the border of Texas and Mexico? Where did the U.S. think this border
was? Why did President Polk send the army to the Rio Grande?
11. Though the Texans lost the Battle of the Alamo, how was this significant battle?
12. Who was the first leader of the Mormons? Why did they go west and where did they settle?
Who led them west?
13. Describe what the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was. What were the 3 parts?
14. Describe the War of 1812 and the outcome of the war. Who was the President?
15. How did the U.S. get the Louisiana Territory?
16. What were the 3 main goals of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
17. How were pioneer women regarded in the west?
18. Who was the Vaquero?
19. What were the 3 parts of the Missouri Compromise?
20. How did the U.S get the Oregon Territory?
21. Why did Texas rebel against Mexico? Who was the dictator of Mexico?
22. What was the role of Chinese people in the west? How were they seen?
23. Who was the Donner party?
24. Who were the 49ers?
25. Why did African Americans look to go west?
26. What type of industry did the first industrial revolution focus on?
27. Define the term Toll
28. When the US did not want to make Missouri a slave state, some southern states threatened to
secede. What does this term mean?
29. Canals were made during the industrial revolution. What is a canal?
30. Why was Andrew Jackson referred to as “the people’s president”? What was the spoils system?