Westward Expansion Part 2 Study Guide LT 1: I can explain why

Westward Expansion Part 2
Study Guide
LT 1: I can explain why Americans began to move west. SS 8 – 4.2.1 & SS 8 – 5.2.3
1. Who were the very first Americans to move west?
Provide the reason each group moved west
2. Mormons
3. Santa Fe Trail
4. Oregon Trail
5. Mountain Men
6. List 3 items Oregon settlers would have taken with them
LT 2: I can summarize the Texas War for Independence. SS 8 – 4.2.1 & SS 8 – 5.2.3
7. Mexico gained its independence from what country?
8. What was the goal of the Texans at Battle of the Alamo?
9. What happened to all the Texans at the Alamo?
10. What was the only state to ever be an independent country?
11. Who was the leader of Mexico during the War for Texas Independence?
12. What was the Mexican Army doing when attacked at the Battle of Jacinto?
LT 3: I can explain how the US spread from sea to shining sea. SS8 – 5.2.3
13. What was the idea that Americans should spread democracy from sea to shining sea?
14. The US and ______________________ agreed to settle the Oregon Territory together.
15. The US gained much of the southwest from what country?
16. Mexico was mad that the US acquired what state?
17. Describe the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
18. Describe the Gadsden Purchase.
LT 4: I can explain how the California Gold Rush changed the future of the West.
19. What precious element was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in 1848?
20. List 4 effects of Westward Expansion (pg 368)
21. What was the nick name given to the men and women who moved west?
22. Immigrants from this country experienced a lot of discrimination during the Gold Rush.
23. Who was Levi Strauss?
24. Why did California experience a population boom after gold was discovered?
25. How did California experience inflation after gold was discovered?