Intro. to Manifest Destiny

Intro. to Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny
• idea that it was the destiny of the U.S. to expand
across N. America (took many years)
How did they get out west?
• trails – Oregon, California, and Santa Fe
• R.R. – after Civil War – took many people west
Why did they go out West?
• Gold Rush – gold was found in California (49ers)
• Land – fertile, cheap and lots of farmers,
ranchers, and pioneers
• Opportunity – land & fur trapping (mountain
men), minerals (oil)
• Spread of Christianity – missionaries – wanted to
convert Indians into Christians
– Father Kino – pushed Christianity on Native Americans
(in New Spain a.k.a. American West)
– Circuit Riders – pastors assigned a circuit & would
have to visit each church in that circuit; they rode on
horseback to each destination
Sections of the U.S.
• Original U.S. (1783) – land between Atlantic
and Mississippi River (except FL)
• Louisiana Purchase (1803) – bought from
• Land ceded by Britain (1818) – upper midwest
• Florida (1819) – bought from Spain
Sections of the U.S. (contd.)
• Texas Annex (1845) – taken from Mexico
• Mexican Cession (1848) – won from Mexico
after Mexican War
• Oregon Territory (1846) – treaty with
Britain to split the land
• Gadsden Purchase (1853) – southern AZ &
NM – bought from Mexico
Problems with Manifest Destiny
• Native Americans on reservations – moved
from homes; cause Indian Wars on Plains
• New States – would they be free or slave?
• problems with other countries – Mexican
War & other countries controlled the land