Study Guide for Microorganism Test 2011


Study Guide for Microorganism Test 2011

What you need to know and be able to explain:

Be able to give examples of microorganisms from all 6 Kingdoms

What are relative sizes of different microorganisms as compared to each other? Review the scale model activity.

Why are models useful/ used to understand microorganisms?

Are viruses considered to be microorganism? Why is this disputed?

How are viruses and bacteria different/ similar?

Why are Bacteria classified into two separate Kingdoms? What are they and what are their basic characteristics?

Do bacteria communicate? Be able to explain the basic ideas related to this presented in the

TED talk.

How are microbes believed to be responsible for making the earth/atmosphere suitable for all the life that exists on it today?

Know and be able to explain examples of both helpful and harmful bacteria

Are antibiotics used to treat viral or bacterial infections?

What is yeast? How are they used by humans?

What is the process of yeast fermentation?

How useful are our class microscopes in studying microorganisms?

What magnification are our class compound microscopes capable of?

What is the role of many microorganisms in a compost pile? Why is this role important for the cycle of matter on earth?