Study Guide for Unit Test

Science – Cells & Microorganisms
Study Guide
_______________1. Living thing that is too small to see without a microscope
_______________2. Fungus that is a microorganism
_______________3. Organs that work together to do a job for the body
_______________4. Kind of microorganism shaped like rods, spirals, or balls
_______________5. Cells that work together to perform a specific function
_______________6. Groups of tissues that work together to carry out a certain
_______________7. The basic unit of structure and function in living things
_______________8. Microorganisms that include algae and protozoans
9. Give an example of how microorganisms can be helpful.
10. Give an example of how microorganisms can be harmful.
11. Where is the nucleus of a cell located? What is its function?
12. Which structures are found in a plant cell but not in an animal cell?
13. Where is connective tissue found in your body?
14. List the function of each structure:
Mitochondria –
Cytoplasm –
Cell membrane –
True or False:
_____15. Animal cells contain chloroplasts.
_____16. The cell membrane is a thick structure that surrounds a plant cell to
help support and protect it.
_____17. The structures in plant and animal cells are identical.
_____18. The nucleus controls all of the activities in both plant and animal cells.
Sketch and label an animal cell and a plant cell:
Animal Cell:
Plant Cell: