Psychology: Use phrenology to guess as to what your personality

Take a look at the table of
contents and make a
prediction about what your
favorite chapter might be.
Explain what the field of
psychology tries to do.
Psychology: Use phrenology
to guess as to what your
personality quirks might be.
In other words, feel your head
and diagnose your own
Which historical
approach to
psychology do you
most agree with?
How are inferential and
descriptive statistics different?
Which contemporary approach to
psychology do you most agree
Write about collecting your
signatures for the ban on
Was it difficult? Easy? Were
people aware what they were
signing? How many (appx.)
were really shocked that water
is allowed around humans?
Comment on how
naturalistic observation
worked for Jane Goodall
in Tanzania.
Describe how
statistics can be
used to deceive or
lie to people using
good sound data.
Turn in your notes and look over
your study guide. Mark any
questions that you would like to
ask of me.
Do you know any
parts of the brain?
List them, please.
Draw a neuron and label it.
Use your book if you need
What part of the brain
is mostly in charge of
What does the
thalamus do?
Do you agree with the results
you received from the left
brain/right brain activity?
Which hemisphere do you
believe is your strongest?
What kind of problems can a
split brain operation help and
what issues does it create?
Copy the diagram of the nervous
system off of the board and into
your notes. You can do this in
either a margin or any available
Give two ways that you think
zombie brains are both similar
and different from human brains.
Explain how a CAT scan and a
PET scan are different.
What has happened in the movie
so far that supports that different
parts of the brain are in charge of
different thinking tasks or
physical tasks that they body
carries out?
Predict how the endocrine system
and nervous system are similar
and different.
Compare and contrast hormones
and neurotransmitters.
Be sure your notes are
complete, they will be due
The nervous system and the
endocrine system both send
messages. What are the
messages they send called?
Turn in your notes.
Look over your study guide and
decide if you have any questions.
Do you think that you get
enough sleep? How much
do you get on average per
night and how much do
you think you need? How
important is sleep to you?
Why do you think that
we sleep?
What are three
theories for why we
Have you had a reoccurring
dream? What do you think it
means? If not, try to
remember a dream you have
had and what do you think
that dream meant?
Do you think that our
dreams mean something
What is biofeedback,
and how could it be
What did Freud believe
about your dreams?
What are the 3 types
of meditation, and
how are they
What do you think about
the legalization of some
What drug do you think
is the most dangerous to
society, and explain why
you think this.
Check to make sure you
have all the notes copied
for the altered states
chapter, and turn them
in with your study
What do you think
sensation and perception
are? Are they the same or
different? Why?
If you could have an
extra sense, what would
you choose, and why?
How are sensation and
perception different?
How are they related?
Which sense do you think you
would function best without?
Explain why you chose the sense
you did.
What is your favorite
kind of illusion? Why?
What form of ESP do
you wish you had and
Examples on page 230
What is perceptual inference?
Review for your Ch. 8
Sensation and
Perception Test…
will be open book/note
What are your earliest
memories? How old
were you in these
situations? Do you think
these memories are
How much do babies
understand? Please
differentiate by sense;
ie., do they understand
more visual, touch,
smell stimulation?
Why do you think
children play?
What type of attachment style
would the child be ambivalent
as to whether or not the parent
left them or returned to them?
How do parenting styles
affect you?
What is the purpose of
babies strange reflexes?
What are the four types
of parenting styles, and
what kind do you think
you will be? Is this
different from the kind
of parent that you would
like to be? Explain.
Honestly write how
your project went in the
lab. Grade yourself
according to the rubric
that was passed out.
What is the worst thing
about being an
What is the BEST thing
about being an
Which theory of cognitive
development to you most
agree with? (Freud’s
psychosexual, Erikkson’s
stages, etc) You may need
to use your book to look
over the different theories.
Turn in your notes and
look over your study
Why must we all be
What scares you most
about getting old?
What are the top 3
pervasive diseases of
old age?
What are some
stereotypes that you
believe about your
If you found a fountain of youth,
at what age do you think you
would want to jump in? Would
you even want to jump in?
Do you consciously do
anything now to prevent
any of the pitfalls of old
Why might adults be at risk
for depression around
middle age?
What is senile dementia?
What is one thing you are
looking forward to in old age?
What has been the best part
of Psychology so far?
What would you like to see
more of and less of?
How do you learn best?
What kind of school
work do you usually
learn the most from?
Have you watched parents try to
teach their child something?
What kinds of things do they use
to try to motivate the child?
Study for your midterm.
Who is Ivan Pavlov? What
is Pavlov known for?
Label the NS, UCS, UCR, CS, and CR
in the following:
Fanny eats fried chicken that has e
coli in it and ends up vomiting for
hours that night. Luckily she
recovers within a day, but now just
the thought (or the sight or the
smell) of fried chicken makes her
What is the difference
between the NS and the CS
in the classical
conditioning model?
Now that you know a little
about learning, which
method of learning do you
like the best: classical
conditioning or operant
conditioning? Explain
How would you prefer
to learn: classical
conditioning or operant
What are some
disadvantages of
What is one behavior
you think you picked up
through social learning.
Why do people blame video games,
TV, movies, etc. for the violence
that occurs in society?
Choose 1 method of learning, and
write how you could apply your
chosen method to improve your
What is your favorite
Do you believe that you have a
good memory, or are you the
person that doesn’t remember
much of your experiences?
Describe the memory loss that
Lucy experienced. The more
details you write down, the better
it will help you later. 
What are the three
processes of memory?
What are the types of longterm memory, and what are
they responsible for?
What is iconic memory?
Who is most likely to
have eidetic memory?
Explain the “tip-ofyour-tongue”
Turn in your notes and
warm ups.
What motivates you?
Instinct theory was the first
theory of motivation. Why is it
no longer studied as a reason for
the motivation behind humans’
Other than money, how
could schools better
motivate students to
achieve in school?
What theory of motivation do you
most agree with up to this point?
(drive-reduction, incentive, cognitive)
Give some examples of
motivation for why a person
might take a shower.
Compare and contrast intrinsic
motivation vs. extrinsic
motivation. Give an example of
each in your life that you don’t
mind sharing.
What types of human needs do
you see “Chuck” filling while he
is stuck on the island?
Describe people with a high
acheivement need.
Which motivational theory would
the following statement best
If I got better grades in school,
I’d have to hang out with the
“nerds”, and I like the friends I
have, so I’ll just keep doing what
I’m doing now.
Do you agree with Maslow’s
hierarchy? Would you rank some
needs lower or high? Which
What is an emotion?
(use your notes if necessary)
Choose the theory of emotion
that you best agree with and in a
sentence or two explain it’s
general characteristics.
Why does Tom Hanks’ character
talk to the Wilson volleyball as if
it is a person according to
Maslow’s hierarchy?
What do you think “standardized
test” means?
What do you think
makes someone
What is the difference
between reliability and
Overall, how accurate do you
think the personality and IQ
tests were that you completed?
Did the descriptions match your
personality? Do you think that
your IQ was accurate (avg. is
Which theory of
intelligence do you
agree with most?
Describe your
What are the names of the 6
theories of personality that we are
going to cover in this chapter?
What are your thoughts
and reactions to Freud’s
theory of personality?
What are the parts of
Freud’s personality
What is an archetype?
Which personality
theory do you most
agree with at this point?
Match each of the following
psychologists to their theory of
Write what you think you
need to do to become a
self-actualized individual.
What personality trait do you
wish you had, and why?
What personality trait do you find
the most valuable, or the most
important, in an individual?
Do you think that you are more
extroverted or introverted? Give
evidence to back up your answer.
If you used Freud’s Id, Ego, and
Super ego to describe the
Grinch’s personality, which
would you describe as dominant
at the beginning of the movie,
and which at the end?
Now that you know about many
of the trait theories, what one, or
parts of which theories, do you
believe make up our
How do you think mental
illnesses are diagnosed?
What are the two ways that we
talked about yesterday to
diagnose psychological
Define mental illness
and give 3 examples.
What is the DSM-IV?
How would you define anxiety?
What are the 3 types of phobias,
and how are they different from
each other?
How do many people feel about
their OCD?
Explain the signs and
symptoms of a conversion
What do you think your mind
could do if it desperately needed to
forget experiences or memories
that you had experienced?
What kind of amnesia might cause
you to assume a different life
location with a different identity?
How has Sybil managed her DID in
her life prior to meeting Dr. Wilber?
What has been your
favorite film that we
have watched in this
class? Explain why you
think this film was
relevant to psychology.
Briefly comment on the
movie “SYBIL”. What
are your thoughts,
questions, or comments?
What has been your
favorite portion of this
What symptoms of schizophrenia
has John Nash displayed in the
movie up to this point?
What could be better about
this class?