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PSY 403
Final Exam Study Guide
The exam consists of 45 multiple choice questions (worth 1
point each), 15 matching (each worth 1 point), and two brief
essay (worth 20 points each).
The multiple choice covers material from the reading
assignments. The matching and essay questions address
material presented in the lecture.
Chapters covered by the exam (refer to the syllabus for the
assigned reading for each chapter:
Intro to Part Five (pages 415-419)
Chapter 12 Maslow
Chapter 13 Rogers
Chapter 9 Cattell
Pages 637-645 Use of the Big Five Supertraits
From the lectures pay particular attention to the subjects of:
Humanistic theories of personality
Cognitive theories (Ellis and Beck)
Cattell and Costa/McCrae
Biological Model
Culture and Personality
Johnson’s Balance Model
On this final exam you will be asked to answer an essay
question concerning the personality theory presented in class
during the quarter which you particularly like. Know this
theory well!
Here are two multiple choice questions which will actually
be on the final. You will find the correct answers on the
page numbers indicated.
Cattell defines personality as:
A. Species specific behavior of a universal nature
B. That which tells what a man or woman will do when
placed in a given situation
C. The term for behavior springing from innate drives
and traits.
D. That which allows one to generalize the behavior of
an individual to that of society at large.
Answer: Page 298
Maslow and other humanistic psychologists saw a need for a
drastic revision of contemporary psychology so that primary
attention can be paid to topics that had been relatively
ignored by existing theories including all but one of the
A. Love
B. Creativity
C. Learning
D. Humor
Answer: Page 417