Bacteria Review


Bacteria and Viruses Review Topics:











Is a virus living? Why or why not?

What is the genetic material it contains?


What is the basic structure of a virus (coat and core that are made of what?)

What are the four basic shapes of viruses?

Recognition and Reproduction

How do viruses recognize, attach, and transfer genetic information?

Why was smallpox able to be wiped out but not the flu?

What is the difference between lytic and lysogenic infections?

Types of Viruses

Be able to explain and recognize information from any viruses notes in hw or notes.


Everything from pamphlet is fair game o

Where they live o

Structure o

Reproduction and how they create genetic diversity o

Obligate aerobes vs. anaerobes o

Survival mechanisms o

Human uses of bacteria o

3 uses in life (producers, decomposers, and nitrogen fixers) o

Human diseases caused by bacteria o

Infectious diseases o

Koch’s four postulates o

Disease mechanisms of bacteria o

Immune system o

Antibiotics o

Pathogen vs. emerging diseases o

Methods of controlling bacteria o

3 shapes of bacteria