AP US History Syllabus

SkyView Academy
Zack Brackney
Room 212
[email protected]
Greetings, welcome to Advanced Placement
History of the United States. Historians
examine and analyze events in the past in
order to better understand the present and
future. The Advanced Placement Curriculum is
designed to prepare students for the
challenges of college, and is therefore
presented with a higher level of rigor than
students may have been exposed to in the
past. We will be moving at a very quick pace
through American history (while still
maintaining a high level of depth), using both
chronological and thematic methods of
organization to provide structure and pacing.
At the end of the year, students will have a
deep understanding of the complex
interactions, events, and decisions that have
all combined to create the modern American
Grading scale
 A 100-90
Required Supplies
 Writing Utensils (Blue or
Black ink for all submitted
work) brought every day
 3 ring binder with tabs and
filler paper to maintain
notes, handouts, and other
class materials
Grades will be tracked on a points system.5
Roughly half of the points will come from
homework assignments and participation, with
the remainder in the form of “reality checks”
which will allow me to assess how much of the
skills and content have been retained. These
assessments will take the form of in-class tests
and essays, presentations, and other projects.
Zero Policy:
We will develop a classroom Social Contract as
a group to ensure that this classroom is a safe
and positive environment for learning to occur.
Specific to my classroom will be a focus on
preparation, respect, and participation. I will
abide by the principles established in our social
contract just as I expect you to. By agreeing to
abide by these values, we will be able to do our
best and be our best.
Assignments not turned in on time may still be
submitted up to 5 days after they were due,
losing 10% of their value per day late. After
those 5 days are up, the assignment will be
recorded as a zero.
The best resource for information on this class
will be the classroom website, which will be
updated on a weekly basis at a minimum. In
addition, these updates will be sent out via email. If you have a concern not addressed
through either of these avenues, I will respond
to any email sent to my school email address
([email protected]) within
24 to 48 hours.
Because of the nature of pacing required to
cover all content and skills, students will be
checking out a textbook for use during the
school year. We are using American History:
Connecting With the Past by Alan Brinkley.
Students will be expected to read and outline
approximately a chapter a week. This is
important, as it will provide them the
background information for the more in-depth
discussions that will be held during the class
period. There will be readings from multiple
other sources as well, which will also be
provided to the students.