US History Newpaper

US History Group Newspaper
Newspaper Writing Assignment
• You will be working on a group newspaper
• Groups of 6-7.
• Six sections.
-Front Page.
-National (USA)or Local News (Ca, LA).
-World News (outside of the USA).
-Sports and Leisure
-Arts and Literature
Newspaper Organization
• Each student is responsible for five rough drafts.
-One article for each section (national, world,
business, sports, & arts) except the front page story.
• When typing your articles, follow the format:
-One sentence summary
-Author’s name (Reporter)
-150/200 words
-One image
• Within your groups decide which articles
should go in your newspaper.
-Who is doing what articles? (six sections, 12
articles total)
• Decide on the lay out and name.
• Extra Credit: Fight to get your articles into the
-If your article covers a standard you got a NP on
you can raise it up to a 2.
Time Periods (One per period)
Colonial Period (1609-1783) Chapter 1,2
New Republic (1783-1815) Chapter 3-5
Jacksonian Democracy (1815-1845) Chapter 6-10
Pre Civil War (1820-1861) Chapter 8-10
Civil War (1861-1865) Chapter 11
Reconstruction (1865-1877) Chapter 12
Building of Modern America (1860-1915) Chapter
• 11th grade US History (By Decades, ex. 30s, 40s)