PPChief Policy domestic

Not in the constitution……is it a power?
4. Domestic Policy
 Citizen: is THE representative of an American. He
must be the leader for the American public.
 Party: it THE representative of the party.
 Policy
 $
 Influence
 Image
This can come with positive and negative effects
Domestic Policy
 Economy: No Formal authority BUT…..
 As the country became more industrialized the president assumed
more authority over the economy.
 Budget and Accounting Act:
provided for an executive budget. Federal agencies no longer submit their
budget proposals to congress, they submit them to the President & who then
developed a proposal and submitted it to congress.
 Great Depression
 New Deal was
 too complicated for Congress to run
 made the government a partner in every aspect of the economy
Modern Presidents
 Appoints Federal Reserve Board of Governors
 Appoints and takes advice from CEA(Council of Economic Advisers)
 Uses Executive Orders and legislative power to effect the economy.
 constitutional authority?????
 Post WWII America became a world player and the
president contributes through
 1) -- responses to foreign events
 2) -- proposals for legislation
 3) -- negotiation of international agreements
 4) -- policy statements
 5) -- policy implementation
 6) -- independent action