The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch
Consists of:
The President
The Vice President
The Cabinet- advisors to the President
Qualifications to be President
• Must be at least 35 years old
• Must be a natural born citizen
• Must have lived in the U.S. for at least last
14 years.
Main Job: Carry out or enforce laws
Roles of the President
Chief Executive
• Carries out laws
• Appoints judges and
Roles of the President
Chief Diplomat
• Makes Treaties with
foreign countries
• Appoints
Roles of the President
Commander in Chief
• Commands the
Armed Forces
• Sends troops
Roles of the President
Legislative Leader
• Has to work with
congress to get laws
• Gives the State of the
Union Address
Roles of the President
Party Leader
• Gives speeches to
help other members
of his/her party
Roles of the President
Chief of State
• Performs ceremonial
- ex. Throwing out the
first pitch at on
opening day!
• Represents the
Roles of the President
Economic Leader
• Makes Federal
budget- Congress
must approve
• Tries to keep
prices, and taxes low!