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• Never before has a U.S. president waged a war
on terrorism. Should we have allowed
President George W. Bush (and now Obama)
to exercise powers that are generally allowed
only to wartime presidents?
• Samuel Kernell has proposed that the style of
presidential leadership has changed since
WWII, owing partly to the influence of
television. Presidents frequently go over the
heads of Congress and the political elites,
taking their cases directly to the people. Does
this make the president more powerful?
Homework FRQ
Choose 1 to answer
In the modern age, presidents often
try to influence congressional
decision-making by a process known
as “going public.” In your essay,
answer the following:
Define what is meant by “going
Discuss one reason that presidents
might go public and identify one risk
associated with the strategy
Define what is meant by “crosspressured members” of Congress.
Explain how the president might use
such techniques as photo-ops and
pressure on Congress to achieve his
Of all the decisions government
makes, none has a greater impact
than the decision to enter armed
conflict. In your essay, do the
Discuss a way in which the War
Powers Resolution might limit foreign
Identify why the legislative veto
aspect of the resolution might
jeopardize the legality of the
Identify one advantage the president
has over Congress and identify one
advantage Congress has over the
president in war making.
Discuss how unilateral and
multilateral approaches to war
making illustrate presidential
discretion in war powers.