Chapter 1 Study Guide

Chapter 1 Study Guide
Test on Nov. 20, 2009
Section 1 – Body Organization
o Know the levels of organization from cells to complex organisms
o Know what homeostasis is and how it works in your body
Cell, tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue, connective tissue, epithelial tissue, organ, system,
Section 2 – The Skeleton
o Know the five functions of your skeletal system
o Know the basic types of joints
o Know how a fracture is repaired
o Know how to keep bones healthy
o Know the two types of fractures
o Know what a sprain and a dislocation are
o Know the names and spellings of the bones on the skeleton diagram
Joint, osteoblast, osteoclast, fracture, compact bone, periosteum, spongy bone, bone marrow,
cartilage, osteoporosis, dislocation, sprain, ligament
Section 4 – Muscles
Know the three types of muscles
Know how skeletal muscles work together to move your body
Know the two major kinds of muscles
Know the names and spelling of the muscles on the diagram
Involuntary muscle, cardiac muscle, voluntary muscle, striated muscle, smooth muscle, skeletal muscle,
Section 5 – Skin
o Know the functions of the skin
o Know the tow layers of the skin
o Know how to keep your skin healthy
Epidermis, dermis, pore, follicle, cancer, melanin
Extra Credit:
Section 3 – Diagnosing Injuries
o Know X-ray and MRI – what they can diagnose and what they can’t
o Know ways to treat skeletal injuries