Chapter 18 Flashcards

Chapter 18 Flashcards
Popular Sovereignty
Ostend Manifesto
Free-Soil Party
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Conscious Whigs
Gadsden Purchase
Compromise of 1850
Personal Liberty Laws
Fugitive Slave Law
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Chapter 18 Flashcards
Idea that US should buy Cuba
Popularized by Democrat
from Spain for $120 million, or Lewis Cass, idea that people in
go to war for it. Cuba would
a territory should decide for
become a slave state.
themselves whether they
should be slave or free
Prelude to the Republican
America and Britain agreed not Party, against the spread of
to control any future
slavery in the Mexican Cession,
isthmuses in Latin America
felt slavery took jobs away
from Whites.
Area of land in southern AZ
and NM, important to the
Members of the respective
transcontinental RR, under
party that opposed slavery on
Franklin Pierce’s
moral grounds
Passed by many states it the
north, denied jails and courts
Added CA as a free state,
for federal officials trying to
tougher fugitive slave law,
capture slaves
popular sovereignty in
Mexican Cession
Overturned the MO (1820)
Compromise, popular
Part of Compromise of 1850,
sovereignty established for KS harsher treatment for runaway
and NB
slaves, North held accountable
for helping out runaway slaves