Chapter 18 Cause and Effect and Newspaper RAFT

Chapter 18 1848-1854 P. 390-408
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(1) For each title, show the northern and southern view / benefit
Title / Event
No position on slavery in 1848
by Presidential candidates
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Gadsden Purchase
Ostend Manifesto
California statehood
Fugitive Slave Act
Personal Liberty Laws
Popular Sovereignty
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Northern view / benefit
Southern view / benefit
Chapter 18: Renewing the Sectional Balance
(2) In the pairs of historical events listed below, designated by (A) and (B), indicate which was the
cause and which was the effect. THEN, write a brief statement to show your understanding of
how the cause led to the effect.
1. (A) The acquisition of California
(B) The Mexican War
2. (A) Entry of California into the Union
(B) The California Gold Rush
3. (A) End of the Mexican-American War
(B) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
4. (A) Northern aid to the fugitive slave
(B) The passage of the 2nd Fugitive Slave Act
5. (A) Diversion of slavocracy
(B) Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
6. (A) Gadsden Purchase
(B) Desire for Southern railroad
7. (A) Douglas’ plan for a northern R.R.
(B) The Kansas-Nebraska Act
8. (A) The Ostend Manifesto
(B) Destruction of Pierce’s Administration
9. (A) Rise of the Republican Party
(B) Split in various parties over slavery
10. (A) Short-lived optimism for the U.S.
(B) Compromise of 1850
(3) Place each figure on a spectrum and defend your ranking. Each figure promoted division or
compromise between 1848 and 1854. Defend your answers with information exclusive to the
timeframe. Use Chapter 18 (390-408)
Henry Clay
Stephen Douglas
William Seward
*Please do not simply rewrite your notes / add clarity to the different viewpoints for each figure.
(4) R.A.F.T. Assignment
R = Role (your choice Northern or Southern sympathizer)
A = Audience (American citizens)
F = Format (Front page of a Newspaper)
Directions: Choose your angle and argue your POINTS and your COUNTERPOINTS regarding
the Compromise of 1850to the American public.
FORMAT: NEWSPAPER (Paper will be provided or it can be done on Publisher)
(1) Title
(2) 3 Articles to your audience with a “persuasive” tone (bias) with TITLES for each article
(3) 1 picture in the middle that represents your entire argument (political cartoon)
- write a brief statement under the picture to explain the point
(4) Validate the following statement throughout your entire newspaper.
Main Argument: Sectionalism is causing political strife, not slavery