supplement to slavery ppt

Compromise of 1850
J. C. Calhoun: “Fire Eater”
• “The North intended to make war on a
domestic institution upon which are staked
our property, our social organization and
our peace and safety.”
• The only recourse is to gain a Federal
Guarantee of the future of Slavery or
Context of 1850
Abolition Movement- popular in the north
Pushing for end of slavery in Washington D.C.
California is ready to become a state
Northern States not enforcing fugitive slave laws(making it difficult for slavers to retrieve
• Northern State legislatures support prohibition of
Slavery in territories
• Balance of power in the Congress was slipping 15
slave to 15free before California
Henry Clay:
The Great Compromiser
• Missouri Compromise
• Nullification Crisis
• Wanted “Some comprehensive scheme of settling
amicably the whole question…”
• “I hold in my hand a series of resolutions which I
desire to submit to the consideration to this
body… they propose an amicalbe arrangement…”
• “Omnibus Bill”- started a 6 month debate
Clay said
• “War and dissolution of the union are
identical and inevitable.”
• Draw back from the abyss and preserve the
Republic as a shining example to the rest of
the world.
Calhoun Responds
• Said, “Constant agitation of the slavery
question have snapped some of our most
important cords of unity.”
Mr. Webster
• “I speak for the preservation of the
Union…hear me for my cause.”
William H Seward- Senator Whig
• The compromise is:
• “Radically wrong, and essentially
viscous…there is a higher law than the
constitution” A moral obligation takes
precedence when if comes to slavery.”
Omnibus Bill Dies
• All measure could not be passed at once
• They were individually passed
California Free
Fugitive Slave Act
Boundary of Texas
Texas Debt
Washington D. C. Slave Trade abolished
Popular Sovereignty in the new Territories
A Generation Passes
Calhoun was the first to go
Clay and Webster followed within 2 years
New Generation: Radicals few compromisers:
Jefferson Davis (Miss) Democrat
Stephan Douglas (Ill) Democrat
Salmon Chase (Oh) Republican
William Seward (NY) Republican