dependent someone or something?

Discuss: What does it mean to be dependent on
someone or something?
Today, I will be able to give reasons why the South was
less industrialized than the North. I will be able to
identify the 5 groups that made southern society. I will
be able to describe the sufferings of African Americans
under slavery.
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Make sure you have taken the 14.1/14.2 open-note quiz.
1820: No slavery above
36 30’
Maine free state;
Missouri slave state
Our country after the War with
Mexico (Mexican Cession)
Compromise of 1850: California was admitted as a free state;
Utah and New Mexico would get to exercise popular
sovereignty; Slavery in D.C. is outlawed; a strict fugitive slave
act was passed to make the South happy.
Kansas/Nebraska Act: Nebraska split
into 2 territories: Both territories would
exercise popular sovereignty
People in the state or territory will decide
whether they would be a free or slave
state/territory. This would be decided by
popular vote.
Many southerners invested in purchasing land
and slaves, not factories and infrastructure
(Remember the American System wasn’t
popular in the South).
Also, slaves weren’t paid a wage, so the
demand for factory produced goods was much
more limited in the South compared to the
Read the quotation on page 387
History of Slavery in America