January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011
1. Cell phone/video game policy -- It has come to our attention that several scouts are using their cell phones
and playing video games during scout meetings. This is very disrespectful to the person running the
meeting and is not allowed…period. A scout may bring a cell phone to the meetings but it must be on
silent/vibrate and kept in a pocket. If an emergency develops and the scout needs to answer the phone they
need to excuse themselves from the meeting and not disrupt the meeting by talking on a phone while the
meeting is in progress. Under no circumstances will a game be played during the meeting. If a scout can’t
behave properly for the duration of the meeting then they should not attend the meeting. If they are bored
during the meeting then they should ask the Senior Patrol Leader how they can assist with the meeting and
become more involved with teaching younger scouts. From now on scouts violating this policy will be
asked to leave the meeting.
2. Adult Leader Training – If you are a registered adult leader please take the online training classes for
Hazardous Weather, Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat. When you complete these courses please email
Mrs. Mathis a copy of your training certificate.
3. Court of Honor – The next Court of Honor is 31 Jan. The next round of Boards of Review is going to be
the 3rd Monday. Any scout that would like to rank advance at this Court of Honor needs to check with Mrs.
Mathis before asking for a Scoutmaster conference. Do not wait until the last minute to check with Mrs.
Mathis. There will be an online signup for refreshments announcement coming out soon.
4. Court of Honor Program – Several scouts need to complete the Communications merit badge and
planning a Court of Honor is one of the requirements. Mr. Snow will be getting with you to work on this
requirement. In order to get credit for this requirement hopefully you’ll be able to develop a new program
and not simply repeat the same program we’ve been doing for years.
5. Personal Management Merit Badge – Mr. Lukacs will be working on this merit badge during upcoming
meetings. Please get in touch with him if you need this merit badge.
6. Swimming Merit Badge – Mrs. Delo will be working on the swimming merit badge as well as the 1st/2nd
class swimming requirements during the next two months. Please see the email from Mrs. Delo for the
7. Camping Merit Badge – Mrs. McCrery will be working on this merit badge during a campout during the
MLK weekend. Please let her know if you’d like to attend this campout to work on the merit badge.
8. Disability Awareness Merit Badge – Mrs. Goel is leading the merit badge at Holy Angels. It was
originally scheduled for MLK weekend but is going to be rescheduled to deconflict with the camping merit
badge campout. Please let her know if you’ll be participating.
9. Rank Advancement Requirements – BSA has instituted several new requirements for rank advancements.
If you have an old scout book it may not reflect the current requirements. You are grandfathered for the
rank you working towards as of 1 Jan 10. Please check www.meritbadge.com for the current rank
10. Summer Camp – Will be the last week in June at Camp Tahuaya.
If you go to the website you’ll see we’ve already missed out on the opportunity to get free t-shirts be making
a reservation already. This is to say that slots fill up quickly at this camp so we really need to commit earlier
rather than later with who will be attending. Start thinking about it and be ready to let Charles know which
scouts will be attending summer camp.
11. Sea Base Updates – stand by for information from Mr. Dockendorf.
12. Heritage Merit Badges – have been picked up from the scout office. 24 scouts earned one or more of these
13. Camp Turkey Partial MB’s – If you have a partial from Camp Turkey and there is a Troop 10 counselor
for that merit badge then they will work with you to complete it…but you need to contact them to show
them what you’ve accomplished and discuss your plan to complete it. Don’t just show up months/years
from now and assume they will accept what you’ve done as acceptable to complete the requirements for the
14. Facebook – Our Troop 10 Webmaster will be looking into building a Facebook page for our troop. If you
have any suggestions please contact Jacob P.
15. Recharter – Mrs. Mathis reported that we have successfully been rechartered. However, several people
still need to pay your dues. If you’ve received an email from Mrs. Mathis please get with her to pay your
16. Chicken Dinner – 19 March. Mrs. Goel will be sending out information shortly.
17. USS Kidd – 12 Feb 11 – Need total headcount of adults/scouts. Cost is $24 plus additional $ if you want
the dog tags/patch. The sign up sheet was started at the meeting tonight and final headcount is needed by
next Monday along with payment.
18. Rescheduled backpacking trip -- we’ve entered into cold weather season so may push this until the
Spring. Stand by for and updated time.
19. National Honor Patrol – Raven patrol is charging forward towards earning this award…way to go!
20. Service hours or Conservation project – Barbara Pledger barbppledger@bellsouth.net to work in St
Catherine’s community garden.