- John A. Ferguson Senior High School

Welcome and Introductions
Dr. Lisa Robertson
Assistant Principals
Ms. Mindy Acosta-Leon
Ms. Kathy Guerra
Dr. Donna Lewis
Mr. Stanley Thompkins
Mr. Felix Zabala
Activities Director
Ms. Tanya Rae-Schulze
Athletic Director
Mr. Kelvin Justice
Requirements for Graduation
Every student:
Must pass the FCAT 2.0 and End of Course
exams in Algebra I, Geometry and Biology.
Demonstrate computer literacy.
Complete his/her Service Learning
Have a minimum 2.0 unweighted cumulative
Grade Point Average (GPA) to graduate.
Accumulate 24 credits including English,
math, social studies, science and electives.
 Promotion to Grade 10: A minimum
cumulative total of 4 credits (Must include
one credit of English or Math)
 Promotion to Grade 11: A minimum
cumulative total of 10 credits (Must include
two credits in English and Math)
 Promotion to Grade 12: A minimum,
cumulative total of 16 credits.
Academy Completion
 Each student is registered in one of the six
 Students must complete a minimum of four
academy courses to be eligible for an
academy completion certificate.
 Students must complete a minimum of 75
hours of community service.
 Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA or
Attendance policy
Students are expected to be in attendance every day.
Excused absences include:
Illness of self, court, immigration, death in family.
When a student is absent he/she must present a note to the
attendance office within three days. Notes should include:
Student’s name, ID number, date of absence, reason,
and parent’s signature.
Notes then must be submitted to all teachers for documentation.
If an admit is not obtained within the three days, the
absence will remain unexcused and the student will
not be permitted to make up work missed.
The student should retain all admit notes for their records.
Tardy Policy
 Students who are tardy to school unexcused for
the first 10 minutes of the school day should report
directly to class.
 Students requiring an excused tardy admit and all
students arriving after the first 10 minutes, must
report to the Attendance Office to secure an admit.
 Once a student accumulates 10 tardies, a doctor’s
note or official documentation is required.
 Additionally, excessive tardies may result in loss of
privileges and/or detentions/suspensions
according to our progressive discipline plan.
 Student tardy records can be obtained using the
online grade book through either the student or
parent portal. Excused tardies include doctor’s
appointments with a note.
Attendance Office
Located in Room 20
Hours are from 7:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Admits can be obtained before school,
during lunch and after school.
Sign-outs are not allowed after 1:50 p.m.
Code of Student Conduct
A copy of the Code of Student Conduct is
available at:
Students are responsible to adhere to all
policies at all times.
Discipline Policy
Continued defiance of school authority and policies and/or
serious violations of The Code of Student Conduct
may result in disciplinary action.
 Ferguson employs a progressive discipline policy in
accordance with district policy which includes warnings,
parent conferences, work detail, detentions, indoor
suspension (SCSI) and outdoor suspension.
 Disciplinary action is judged on an individual case by case
 An overview of the Ferguson’s progressive discipline plan
can be found at:
Electronic device policy
 All electronic devices must be turned off and out of
sight between 7:20 a.m. and 2:20 p.m.
 Any visible electronic devices are subject to
 Electronic devices that have been confiscated may
be picked up between 7:00a.m. and 3:00p.m. in
the main office.
 Ferguson is not responsible for any lost
or stolen electronic devices.
Dress Code
All students are expected to be in uniform
everyday unless otherwise notified.
Proper uniforms include:
– solid color gray, black, or white polo or oxford
– black, gray, or khaki pants such as Dockers,
chinos, or Dickies.
– Blue jeans may ONLY be worn on Friday
along with a uniform shirt or a school
sanctioned spirit shirt. (Each “quarter,” this will
be revisited).
 Students may be transported to and from school if
they live two miles or more from the school within
school boundaries.
 Transportation may not be provided for all magnet
students who are out of school boundaries.
 No student is allowed to ride a school bus other
than the one to which he/she is assigned.
 The school bus driver has absolute jurisdiction
over all students on their school bus.
Student Drop-off/ Parking
 ONLY SENIORS and selected Juniors are authorized to
park on campus.
 Students may be dropped off in the parent loop on the west
side of the school.
 Parents should avoid dropping students off in areas of
heavy traffic.
 Parents may not use the Faculty Parking Lot or bus loop to
drop-off or pick up students.
 Parents should attempt to drop-off students prior to 7:00
a.m. due to the volume of students at Ferguson.
 It is suggested that parents and students have a prearranged location for pick-up.
 Carpooling is appreciated!
 Make sure to have rainy day plans.
Director: Kelvin Justice
[email protected]
Each student athlete must:
 Maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.
 Have a current Athletic Eligibility Pack, which contains the
following 3 forms:
– Athletic Physical Form (sign by parent & notarized) as well as a
birth certificate
– FHSAA EL 3 Form
– M-DCPS Contract for Student Participation in Interscholastic
Competitions or Performances.
 Purchase school insurance for $30, (Football requires $76)
 Physical forms may be downloaded from the school
website (http://fergusondadeschools.net)
 Have less than 10 absences and 20 tardies to school
Director: Tanya Rae-Schulze
[email protected]
 To compete or participate in inter-scholastic activities,
students must maintain a minimum 2.0, unweighted,
cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and adhere to the
attendance policy.
 Service Clubs/ Interest Clubs - To join a service or interest
club, students have to fill out an application for the service
or interest club of their choice, be a student in good
standing with the school, and actively participate in the
activities of the club.
 Honor Societies - Membership in an honor society is based
on outstanding grades in specific subject areas or high
overall academic and conduct grades.
 Student Government/ Class Boards are elected
organizations which represent each individual as the
student body and each grade level.
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