Studying for your APUSH Unit 1 Test

Studying for your APUSH Unit Test
1. Make sure that your book, document, and class notes are complete.
2. Study your vocabulary terms (focus on the terms in your unit packet, but you might
want to go over those in your book)
a. Consider flashcards on notecards or on a flashcard app
3. Answer the “Review Questions” in your unit packet ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF
a. These need to be turned in as your “Review” separate from your notebook
4. Review other readings and/or their notes
a. For Unit 1 – you have lots of “Readings” in your packet and documents
5. Look over the timeline at the end of each chapter
a. You don’t need to memorize dates, but you need to know the order in which
events happened
6. Come to study group to clarify any last questions
a. Wednesday September 9 – lunch in room 125
b. Friday September 11 - 7:40a-8:20a in room 125
Your Notebook HAS to be in this order with your name on it 16 points total:
1. Book Notes (including vocabulary and blue / green pages )
a. All of Chapter 1 – 4 pts
b. Pages 40-46 Chapter 2 – 2 pts
2. Document Notes – 1 pt each
a. Document 1
b. Document 2
c. APCAPS Chart
3. Notes on Readings – 1pt each:
a. Reading Lesson 1
b. Reading Lesson 2
c. Notes from your document for the debate
4. Class Notes IF separate from your book notes
a. Native American Regions Chart – 2pts
b. Early Colonization Class Notes Chart – 2pts