Error Analysis Worksheet

Error Analysis Worksheet
Your Name:
Quiz Name:
Is this your first time doing error analysis?
Part One: What mistakes did you make?
Look back through your test and find 2-3 questions that caused the most struggle. List them below. Fill
out the chart to find out where you could look to get accurate information.
Topic/Question you struggled with
Where to look to get the right answer
Pick one topic from above to find the right answer to and list it below….
Part two: How Can you do better next time?
Overall, you had ___ number of days to study. How much time out of school do you think you spent?
How many minutes/day do you think that is?
10 Study Strategies: Please put a check mark on any study strategy you used:
Did you study with an adult?
Did you have a friend quiz you?
Did you write answers to the possible questions brainstormed in class that
were available online?
Did you answer the factual questions on the review sheet?
Did you create flashcards of key vocab terms?
Did you come to see me before the test to ask questions?
Did you ask other adults to help clarify questions?
Did you make sure you had all the right materials organized in your
Did you reread/look over each of the main readings?
10 In class Strategies: Please put a check mark on any in class strategy you used:
Do you ask questions when you are confused?
Do you participate at least 1 time per class without me just calling on you?
When we do group work, do you usually share the “group answer” to the class
to be sure you can explain it?
Do you do all your homework?
Do you mark up readings carefully with your thoughts?
Do you come to see me before or after class even before tests are assigned to
ask questions?
Do you come by on Wednesdays (my official day in the room) just to get HW
started efficiently?
Do you make sure you had all the right materials organized in your notebook
as we label them in class?
Do you look at the work of others and add information to your work from
class discussions?
Pick 2 and 2: List 2 In class strategies you are going to commit to doing from now on and 2 study
strategies you will promise to do as soon as the next test is assigned.