Unit 1 Study Guide Test- 30 Multiple Choice Questions (30 Minutes

Unit 6 Study Guide
Test- 60 Multiple Choice Questions (45 Minutes)
Unit 6: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties  March 2nd
Review your readings
Review your packets
Review your handouts
Review your vocabulary terms
Review your notes
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You should be able to thoroughly explain and answers each of the following concepts/ questions:
Right of privacy
Supreme Court’s position on affirmative
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Judicial Philosophy
Separate-But-Equal Doctrine
& Integration
Disabilities Act
Women’s struggle for Equal Rights
Supreme Court’s position on Abortion
Lemon Test
Unprotected Speech
Gag Orders
Establishment Clause
Clear-and-present-danger test
Ineffectiveness of the Civil Rights laws
Exclusionary rule
Miranda v. Arizona
Dred Scott v. Sanford
Plessy v. Ferguson
Freedom of Expression
Judicial Review
Marbury v. Madison
Basic Judicial Requirements
- Which cases reach the Supreme Court
- Deciding and opinions
Selection of federal judges
Civil Liberties
Civil Rights