AP Chapter 9 Study Bullets

Where is ATP Synthase located?
What is the function of fermentation?
During glycolysis why is only a small amount of NADH formed when there could be more?
In the ETS, what do the redox reactions provide?
Know types of organisms and which type of fermentation they undergo and the products that
are forms.
Differentiate facultative and obligate organisms.
ETS is a chain reaction of redox-oxi-redox-oxi-redox-oxi (steps)
What substances are initially added to the ETS?
Where does OxPho occur?
Organs with increased mitochondrial membranes have increased OxPho.
Differentiate between NADH and FADH2.
Differentiate between substrate level phosphorylation and phosphorylation.
Where does respiratory respiration take place in prokaryotic cells?
Define Proton Motive Force.
What is the evolutionary significance of glycolysis?.
Define beta oxidation.
What happen to a small mammal in cold temperatures? (metabolism/cell respiration)
Increase Temperature, Increase metabolism, then an Increase in O2 is needed.
Why do flowers need to breakdown excess sugar?
How do they break it down?
9.3 How many electrons are used to make water?
Inner Membrane and Intermembrane Space?