Greek Gods & Goddesses

Western Civilization
Greek Mythology
A Brief Review
Greek Mythology
Greek myths were stories told
orally as lessons in behavior
Creatures had human traits, i.e.
not perfect beings
Ruler of Mt. Olympus
god of justice and law
Main attributes: thunderbolt & eagle
Zeus (images)
Queen of the Olympian deities
goddess of marriage and birth
Attributes: peacock & crow
Hera (images)
god of the ocean
Powers of earthquakes, water, and
rides a shell chariot pulled by horses
Poseidon (images)
god of the dead
Ruler of the Nether World
Cerebus (three headed dog)
guards the entrance
Hades (images)
goddess of the Underworld
Attributes: pomegranate
helps mother with the harvest
three months of the year
Persephone (images)
goddess of the harvest &
seasons changing
Demeter (images)
goddess of wisdom, war, the arts,
industry, justice and skill
Attributes: owl, aegis, war helmet
usually is accompanied by Nike
(goddess of victory)
Athena (images)
god of music, prophecy, medicine & disease
sometimes known as the Sun god
Attributes: the bow and arrow, on his
head a laurel crown.
Most famous attribute is the tripod, the
symbol of his prophetic powers
Apollo (images)
goddess of the wilderness, the hunt
and wild animals
twin of Apollo (sometimes known as
the goddess of the moon)
Attributes: bow and arrow & deer
Artemis (images)
Messenger of the gods
Also known to be the god of shepherds,
and traveling
Attributes: winged shoes, sometimes
winged hat, heralds staff
Hermes (images)
god of Love
Arrows came in two types:
golden with dove feathers which
aroused love, or
leaden arrows which had owl feathers
that caused indifference
goddess of love & beauty
Attributes: the dolphin, the dove,
the swan, the pomegranate and
the lime tree.
Aphrodite (images)
god of fire,
especially the blacksmith's fire
god of volcanoes
Hephaestus born weak & crippled
Hephaestus (images)
god of Wine
 also patron god of the Greek stage
complete opposite of Athena
(passionate, full of emotions & ecstatic)
Dionysus (images)
Other gods, goddesses, nymphs, heroes etc…
Ares: god of War
Hercules: Greek Hero
 9 Muses: daughter of Zeus and Memory (nymph)
~ Clio (history)
~ Calliope (literature, art, or science)
~ Euterpe (lyric poetry)
~ Melpomene (tragedy)
~ Terpsichore (choral dance and song)
~ Erato (love of poetry)
~ Polyhymnia (sacred poetry)
~ Urania (astronomy)
~ Thalia (comedy)
Other lesser gods, goddesses,
nymphs, Heroes etc…
Three Graces: represent beauty, charm and joy. The Graces
presided over banquets and gatherings primarily to entertain and
delight the guests of the Gods.
Three Fates: spin the thread of human destiny, cut the thread
sending human souls to the underworld
Three Furies: punished those who escaped or defied public justice
Nemesis: avenging goddess, righteous anger of the gods particularly
towards the proud and insolent
Pan & the Satyrs: deities of the woods & fields (1/2 man
1/2 goat)